Image Processing Hardware
The original images (1998) were processed on a variety of computers, that were for the most part, utilized during idle hours of operations at GIS shops in State Government (NREPC/KIA), University of Kentucky (KGS), and Bluegrass ADD. The following systems were utilized:

Compaq 3000 Personal Workstations (333Mhz Intel-256Mb RAM-WinNT)
DEC Alphastation 4000-500 (400Mhz Alpha - 512Mb RAM-Digital UNIX)
DEC 3000-700 (175Mhz Alpha - 128Mb RAM-Digital UNIX)
DEC 3000-300 (175Mhz Alpha - 128Mb RAM-Digital UNIX)

The images were processed using the OGI Standard GIS Software: ESRI's ARC/INFO. A custom ARC/INFO routine was developed by BGADD and NREPC Staff to process images in an automated manner. Essentially, each quarter quadrangle was split up into 16 equal size sections. A naming scheme was developed and each 1/16th section was clipped and renamed from the original quarter quadrangle. A routine was developed using the GRID extension in ARC/INFO to fill in any no data areas present in the 1/16th images by merging the 1/16th images with the original quarter quadrangle. The final program was fully automated and could process doqqs during off-hours.

Server Platform
These images are being served using Microsoft's Internet Information Server for Windows NT Server 4.0 (kinda scary isn't it . . . ) on a Compaq/DEC Alpha Platform. The main page, navigational image maps, and all Images reside on WRIS's Compaq/DEC AlphaServer 5300 (Dual 533Mhz Alphas, 1 GIG RAM, WinNT for Alpha).