The Image Data on this site can be downloaded and viewed in a wide array of computer applications. Everything from the Wang Imaging Package that is built into Windows 95 to ESRI's ARC/INFO can utilize the images.

To simply view a selected image in your browser, follow the links down to the desired image and click in its box. The JPEG format DOQ image should load directly into your browser window.

GIS User
Most GIS users will find accessing image tiles from this site is quick and intuitive. Simply choose to save the image file to your hard disk in a directory or workspace along with other spatial data related to the images. If your GIS software recognizes GeoTIFFS (the coordinate information for the image is embedded in the TIFF header file) then you're ready to go. Simply add or place the image accordingly using your GIS software.

If your software does not recognize GeoTIFFS, simply download the world files associated with the images. All of the world files for the North and South State Plane Zones are zipped together and can be downloaded for each zone respectively.


Happy Viewing!!!!